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Digital marketing, Artificial Intelligence, Data analytics and Machine Learning is currently the hottest field on the globe. As per HootSuite, more than half the population on the globe uses mobile to keep themselves connected via social media. This leaves businesses with no option but to get on the digital marketing band wagon. While this has created many opportunities for businesses (entrepreneurs) it has also resulted in creation of innumerable jobs.

Some jobs in digital marketing, Artificial intelligence, and data analytics field require you to be the jack of all trades and the others require you to be the master of one. Come, be a part of this revolution.

Enrol yourself for a course at SkillFunnel to accelerate your success of becoming a leading industry professional by learning digital marketing,
artificial intelligence, machine learning.


SkillFunnel is a group of experienced professionals who have been practicing digital marketing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning for over ten years now. This experience has resulted in enabling our students with proven strategies and advanced tools that give them the edge.


To have students graduate to being happy, enabled industry professionals who follow their passion and dreams in the field of digital marketing, artificial intelligence, data analytics, and machine learning. Unique needs, providing training and coaching that helps achieve their career goals.


One size doesn’t fit all and SkillFunnel is the only training institute that not just recognizes but understands and customizes courses to suit requirements. The objective of taking up a course is different and specific for each of the students.

SkillFunnel aims at providing the best in digital marketing, social media, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics training with a hands-on approach. Each professional at SkillFunnel has trained over 1000 students so far and the students have gotten results as per expectations. The students continue to hone their skills in the industry as practicing professionals.


Impart objective-based, quality (complete and latest) education to students and cater to
their objectives by building professional one to one relationships to achieve their goals.

The curriculum is robust and is designed to give the foundations of marketing and data that easily help build quick strategies for the channels and for using AI to predict. This ensures that everybody irrespective of their background can take up these courses and taste guaranteed success. Here are some things that are unique to SkillFunnel training.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

SkillFunnel is a leading Digital Marketing training institute catering to Digital Marketing and AI (Data Science and Analytics) Training, Digital Marketing Consulting and Placements based in Yelahanka amidst the beautiful silicon-valley of India – Bengaluru.  

Our motto is Learn – Build – Teach – Earn.

One size doesn’t fit all, and it is the same case with the educational curriculum. Each of us come from a different background. Each student has a different objective to take up the same course.

Started by a team of professionals with over 72224 hrs of professional experience, the idea of digital marketing and AI courses at SkillFunnel is to align it with the objective / goal of the student. Hence our courses are customized, tailor made for every student. 

For the latest in digital marketing and AI join our courses that come in different formats of training – classroom, online, workshops and seminars.

Our team is determined to train and equip people with Digital Marketing and AI skills to enhance their professional career.

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