SkillFunnel Academy has been serving the market for years and has gained a good reputation. Hard work and proper technique can help a site reach a good position, but none can guarantee getting the top rank of search engines. Make sure to go through the terms and conditions of SkillFunnel Academy before investing in the company.

We can certainly provide you with the best results by following the right tactics and considering the latest trends so that you can gain ROI for the business. Our primary objective is to offer you positive results when it comes to internet marketing. As the SEO Company, we are always transparent and maintain honesty in a relationship.

Our main aim behind publishing the disclaimer is to build a level of understanding between our agency and the client who would hire us. It is a part of our terms of service and is affected by customers who accept our quotations and decide to hire our services.

Is It Necessary To Hire An SEO Expert?

A search engine optimization expert is a trained person who will be responsible for improving the visibility of your website on leading search engines. It is a crucial decision to hire an accountable SEO firm that can improve the site ranking in a short period.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about modifying certain parts of the website. You need more than just a website; you need to generate more leads online and make sure that the business turns out to be more innovative and much faster.

If you view the changes individually, they would not appear to be major ones, but combined can help in better optimization, which can ultimately make a noticeable impact on the website.

We are concerned about providing the best services to clients. Our team has the knowledge and the right kind of expertise, which helps in employing the best practices for coding and allows for optimizing the site structure. The expert will adequately analyze the website and check for the keyword that would finally be optimized online. The strategy adopted is proven and helps keep you ahead of competitors.

Our experts will take the initiative to offer you fresh ideas that would improve the website and take the opportunity to build up a relationship by answering queries. The SEO experts will design a search engine-friendly site and get optimized it easily.

Search Engine Optimization

SkillFunnel Academy corporation follows the search engine optimization guidelines and follows procedures as per SEO industry standards. This means it would focus on quality and Google webmaster content, quality guidelines, and technical guidelines. 

We do not favor black hat techniques or any other unethical methods such as hidden links, blog spam, keyword stuffing etc. (For more information, please visit link schemes here. We do not manipulate Google, Yahoo, and Bing guidelines.

The ranking of a website may fluctuate as the algorithms are constantly changing to ensure the best service is delivered to consumers. The algorithm change will affect the ranking, which would take time for the website to create the best position in search results.

Understand The Search Engine Results Page (SERPs)

When it comes to organic search results, you need to understand that it is entirely controlled by the algorithms adopted by a specific search engine.

Search engines are complicated algorithmic formulas that crawl, index, and help score web pages.

Remember that the algorithms are frequently altered, so we need help to guarantee you a constant top ranking for any specific keyword. Being a digital marketing firm, we do not guarantee you the ranking of the position of any keyword or key phrase. However, we are concerned about choosing a well-researched and proven technique.

We are highly ethical in approach, and the website has the potential to maximize the relevancy of search engine optimization techniques. The steps are taken with complete care so that positive result can be achieved.

How Would Traffic Sources Know What To Do?

Search engines have the potential to guard the search engine algorithms secretly, so you might wonder how the SEO firms know the best approach to rank the companies in leading search engines. The answer depends on the knowledge base of the firm. Our company performs specific research work which helps the website to get ranking. There may need to be published and precise instructions to achieve results.

The algorithms frequently release guidelines so you can craft the website page accordingly for ranking. With knowledge and expertise, it is easier for us to achieve results that can be consistent in nature.

This is the data that would make us eligible to achieve positive results through a proper understanding of the landscape related to the search engine.

Analysis Of Results

No matter how well the site is optimized, SEO can fulfill its purpose if you have analyzed the results and scrutinized them daily to make necessary adjustments. Few metrics would demand constant monitoring:

We continuously monitor the website and check out the traffic.

Reports Are Easy To Understand

It is essential to generate and then create reports depending on the performance of the SEO activities. Once the reporting is done, it is possible to evaluate the efforts and help achieve the business goals. This would determine the marketing operations, identify new opportunities, and keep ahead of competitors.

SEO experts can understand the importance of the statistics available in the reports and will also convert them into usable business intelligence.

Ranking Update

The ranking would fluctuate widely. The ranking would vary from one day to another, and this would base on the host of different variables. SkillFunnel Academy is responsible for giving you the ranking report through which you can check the ranking on your device. Search engines would test the variables constantly, which can lead to changes in search results.

Updates: Many experts are into search engines, and they consistently work to enhance the search algorithm. The algorithm is continuously updated, and the more extensive updates would receive names such as PandaPenguinHummingbird, etc.

The search engines would make the update and change the ranking negatively for the website. We are ready to adopt the Google Webmaster Guidelines and Bing Webmaster Guidelines, which would be known as the best practices and will engage only the white hat technique.

Website Development Project

During the briefing of the project, the client is entirely responsible for offering clear guidelines and also makes sure to provide the specific details which would be necessary. The details make it possible to understand the requirements thoroughly and quote accordingly.

If any discrepancy arises, this may lead to additional costs, which would be according to the changes made. It is essential to have complete clarity on different aspects of website development which would ensure based on the correct requirements.

Once the proposal is finalized, any changes or additions based on the project’s design can affect the proposal and incur extra costs along with new delivery time. Any kind of extra work would be charged separately.

If any complexities arise, the specific deliverable should be suggested in advance and included in the proposal for the costing purpose. We believe in staying in good faith and can surely rely on the clients who can disclose the complete picture of the expectations.

The website content and the materials need to be provided within two weeks of giving the project to the company. In case of any delay, the project will incur additional costs, which would go beyond the stipulated timeframe.

The client needs to identify the unforeseen circumstances which would ultimately delay the development process. The work takes place along with the integration of any third-party software. We take every initiative to complete the project as agreed in the terms and conditions. The client must agree that they would not penalize for any genuine delay, which would take effort to maintain the project deadline.

SkillFunnel Academy would never take any responsibility for third-party products or any components used in the website development. We advise the clients and our experts to take the necessary steps to avoid disruptions.

SkillFunnel Academy will take the opportunity to offer different packages concerning third-party providers. Any change in the third-party rules and policies may affect the services provided.

No domain registration charge is included as it is not a part of the proposal unless it is mentioned in the policies.

There will be no hosting changes included in the quotations unless it is mentioned. The ranking will create a proper hosting solution in case required. The quotation will be given separately, which needs to be approved by the client.

The copyright of the images, web design, code, and source files will take the opportunity created by the developer related to the project. The client will finalize the payment before the written agreement. With the formal agreement, the owner of the design can be taken.

Important Information Related To Policies And Guarantees


It is essential to understand and then agree on the terms that you are responsible as an individual for any behavior on site. You should arrange to indemnify and hold harmless employees of the organization. Any third-party information provider related to the service against any claims, expenses, damages, and costs will agree to defend. There should be no misuse of information, or the client will not be able to use the site, content, or service by violating the terms and conditions.

Being A Part Of The SkillFunnel Academy, You Need To Agree To The Following:

The Cheque/ PayPal/ Money order will only be payable to SkillFunnel Academy. We will take the opportunity to start the project once the money is received and the proposal is accepted. The requested information and the implemented professional fees should be agreed upon.

In no event will we be responsible for the customer or the third party firm for any damage or loss related to the business in case of any notable damage due to the inability to operate the presentation correctly.

The client would represent us as an unconditional guarantee that would include different elements of graphics, photos, design, text, source code, or any other artwork that would be furnished to us. We give the client the authority to use the owner’s website and each element related to it. The client will be responsible for the protection and defense of the content of the website.

SkillFunnel Academy will take the opportunity to retain the copyright, keep the ownership of the source code, and then design the filed product, which the SEO services would develop during the project’s tenure.

The client will offer the images and the content. In any case, the client will not provide any photos, and the client will be assumed the right to use the image from the internet. The company will ensure that it is best to use the royalty images, but once it is done, it is delivered. The client must check and finally agree on the work done.

In any event, the client can terminate the project during the execution without giving sufficient reason for SkillFunnel Academy’s services. In such a case, the initial money will not be refunded.

The client would provide the images, content, and text; if the client fails to provide them, it is necessary for the client to give us the right to use the images available on the internet. Any additional work may not be specified in the agreement, which would be estimated separately.

International Users And Choice Of Law

The SkillFunnel Academy controls and administers this site from its India office.

SkillFunnel Academy does not represent the materials that would be appropriate to use at any other locations out of India, and can access them from different territories where the content can be illegal. You are not in a position to use the website or export any of the materials to any third party. If you use the site from a different location apart from India, you are responsible for compliance with local authorities and laws.

The Terms of Use may be governed by Indian law without affecting the conflict of law provision. You must agree to the terms of Indian law and abide by the rule.

It would be best if you took complete responsibility and the risk of using the internet. The SkillFunnel Academy site would provide the information on an “as in” and “as applicable” basis, which would or may not imply the warranties.

You need to agree that the files and the downloadable content might not be free from Trojans, viruses, or any other malicious codes that are prone to destroying the content and data. You will be exclusively responsible for the proper use of the website, or the company will not be liable in case of data loss.

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