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Digital Marketing Terms And Conditions For You

Digital Marketing Terms And Conditions Regarding The Laws:

As per the Consumer Protection Act, no price comparison will be given on the website that will mislead consumers. Please provide us with accurate data. We would not use any material on the website that is deemed obscene. We would also not carry out any activity violating the terms of the Defamation Act.
Abiding by the nation’s laws, we believe in working with honesty for the highest client satisfaction.

Other Digital Marketing Terms And Conditions

Apart from these, we would need access to our client’s website regarding our SEO services. So, once again, by agreeing to these terms and conditions, you also agree to the following.

This company would use the client’s trademarks, logos, pamphlets, pictures, etc., for search engine optimization.

 To analyze the website structure and content, we need backend access. You must provide your email address so our team can also ask for links and communication.

Regarding Our Content

This Digital Marketing Company owns every content present on this website. No one has permission to copy any material or republish anything anywhere. Such activity would be strictly considered to violate the Copyright Act; hence, necessary measures will be taken.

We seek your cooperation in every step because serving you with the best will be our success.

As we keep improving, we will also keep upgrading our terms and conditions. SkillFunnel Academy reserves the right to change the company’s website without prior notice to users. So, please keep following this page to stay updated, or you might miss essential changes. Have a nice day!

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